Today, Esqyr announced that it will donate a portion of its profits to Law School Transparency, a think tank based in North Carolina. Specifically, 15% of profits on sales to students will go to the organization.

As the first and only public benefit corporation focused on test prep, Esqyr has a social mission to reduce and/or prevent student debt. This mission is directly tied to the high cost of bar exam prep. At a time when the student debt crisis shows no sign of abating, many large test prep companies continue to increase prices.

Esqyr is different. Esqyr donates profits to organizations pushing for systemic reforms that reduce debt, as well as donating accounts to students who face the most challenges repaying student debt. By doing do, Esqyr helps students do good and test well.”

Read more below, and then click here to learn more about LST and how increased accountability and transparency can reduce student debt.