This August, Esqyr will celebrate its first year of providing affordable, effective study tools to law students across the nation. We’re proud of our achievements like winning a couple awards and media coverage. However, by far the most rewarding and important part of our business is our social mission: to help students pass the bar and ensure they have access to the tools to do so.

Take Ron Brown, a recent graduate of Birmingham School of Law. Ron crowdfunded part of his legal education, a route many students are currently taking. Ron would “leave work in Atlanta and drive 300 miles round trip to Birmingham 3 nights a week for class,” in hopes of pursuing his dream of going to law school. Thanks to support from friends and family, he was able to graduate from Birmingham School of Law. Ron recently turned to Esqyr for help in passing the bar, and we gladly donated study tools to help him pass.

We often see students like Ron ‒ those who work hard and are driven to succeed, but face enormous challenges in affording bar prep materials. Our small donation to Ron is just a part of the 20% of our profits that we give back to help tackle the debt crisis.

Esqyr hopes to continue to grow in the coming years. Our goal is to have an even greater impact on the organizations working to improve legal education and the underserved students who face immense challenges in financing bar prep.