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Study Resources

Craft a study plan that works for you.

Bar exam prep often comes bundled together in expensive packages, full of books, lectures, and other things students may not need. Below is a list of study resources that allow you to create an effective, tailored study plan.

AudioOutlines: Innovative legal study aids, tailor-made for audio, to help students learn and memorize the critical black letter rules of law.

Mind Over Bar: Mind Over Bar is the only bar course focused entirely on the mental challenges faced by bar takers.

Fleming’s Fundamentals of Law: Fleming’s Fundamentals of Law offers six different bar exam review courses, so you can choose the one that best suits your study needs.

Bar Exam Toolbox: A great resource that helps repeat and first-time bar exam takers pass the bar exam.

BarIssues: BarIssues provides law students with the only existing searchable database of all legal issues tested on the California Bar Exam since 2001. If you would like $20 off BarIssues (either the $99 six-month or the $149 full-year plan), email us for a coupon code!

LLM Bar Exam: The LLM Bar Exam program is designed to give each student individualized attention, from the start of the course until the day of the Bar Examination.

Anki: An app to create powerful, self-designed flashcards.

Critical PassBar exam flashcards that will help you pass the bar exam, written with key MBE concepts & elements to help you memorize for the MBE.

Law Dojo: A family of legal game apps for law students & legal aficionados to learn all kinds of law in quick, delightful ways.

SeRiouS Spaced Reptition: Spaced repetition is the “single most effective technique for memorization.”

LeanSheets: LeanSheets streamlines the most important and frequently tested information for each subject into only 2-3 pages.

Make This Your Last Time: With their “Approsheets” and “Magicsheets,” MTYLT delivers comprehensive outlines for MBE and essays.

Vinco: Proven strategies for the bar exam, including one-on-one tutoring.

Law School Toolbox: Tools and resources for law students to get great grades and survive law school in style.

LawTutors: LawTutors provides focused one-on-one in-person, distance and small group tutoring to bar students.

FindMyLawTutor: FindMyLawTutor provides several tutors, available at one easy to use website.

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